Create Gorgeous Graphics With Canva

Canva is a phenomenal, FREE tool for creating graphics, posters, letters, and flyers for your classroom.

Whether it’s anchor charts, lesson plans, flyers, or newsletters home, teachers are always creating. It’s easy to pull up a document and type something up, but it doesn’t necessarily look pretty or polished. I’ve seen teachers go to TPT to buy anchor charts because they look prettier than what they can make (even though the content is the same), because they want their classroom to look cute.

Save your money. With Canva, you’ll be churning out gorgeous content in no time. Heck, you could probably even sell it on TPT!

Canva is, quite literally, one of the best creative tools I have at my disposal. Take a look around my website–almost every graphic you see was created in Canva. Plus, it’s free!

The thing I love most about Canva is that I don’t have to start from scratch when I’m designing something. That’s what I always struggle with. I know the information I need to convey, but I don’t know how to make it look cohesive. By using their templates, I can experiment with different layouts until I find one that works for me.I simply choose what I’m trying to design from their menu (like a poster, flyer, blog banner, etc.) and it gives me a whole list of templates to work from. Every aspect of the template is customizable, so I can tweak colors and pictures to suit my needs.

Canva homepage with all of the template categories.

For example, I’ll guide you through my process of creating the title image for this blog post. I’ll select “Blog Banner” to get started.

Template examples

The images you see on the left are the different templates I can start from. Some of them require a paid account to use, but there are so many free ones I don’t have to worry about not finding what I need.

A colorful template I chose, which was originally designed for an art exhibit.

I chose this one because it’s colorful and artsy, which seems appropriate for Canva.

The template after I changed it to the title of the blog

I changed the words around to meet my needs, and added my “EdTech in Ten” line down at the bottom. You can see on the left that I was looking for different pictures to use as the background, but I decided to stick with the original one.

If I didn’t like the text as it was formatted, I could change its size, color, spacing, etc. Whenever you click on text, images, or features, the editing bar shows up at the top:

If I wanted to, I could continue to customize this design by using some of the features on the left bar:

Customization bar

The “Uploads” button is great, because you can upload your own images to use in your design. You can use folders to organize your designs, but you only get two with the free version.

I like how it looks, so now all I have to do is download it. Since it’s going online and not being printed, I’m going with the PNG format.

Download options, such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF

Any image or feature that has the crown next to it means that you can only access it in the paid version.

Below, you’ll see the other more Pinterest-friendly image I made for this post. It looks NOTHING like the original template. I couldn’t make it look right, and, before I knew it, I had changed the whole thing. There have been plenty of times when I couldn’t make the picture work and had to just scrap what I had and start over, too. Even though Canva is awesome, sometimes you just have to know when to start over.

Canva is a phenomenal, FREE tool for creating graphics, posters, letters, and flyers for your classroom.

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