Easy Classroom Management with Classroom Screen

Instead of having separate apps for all of your classroom management needs, the good folks at Classroom Screen have streamlined the process and put it all in one place...for free!

Instead of having separate apps for all of your classroom management needs, the good folks at Classroom Screen have streamlined the process and put it all in one place…for free!

To begin, simply go to https://classroomscreen.com/. You’ll see something that looks like this (but your background may be different):

We will focus on the toolbar on the bottom, and I’ll go from left to right.


The first button on the toolbar prompts you to select your preferred language. At last count, there were 75 to pick from.

You’ll notice that there’s now a red “X” on the language button on the toolbar. Once you’ve selected your language, click on the red “X” to make the menu go away.


Our next button allows you to change the background that will project on your board. There are a variety of different nature scenes, gifs, and solid colors that are preloaded. If you want to customize your image to go with what you’re studying in class, you can upload your own. You’ll notice that there’s also an option that says “live,” which means the background can be a live feed from a webcam. For example, our district elementary schools incubate and hatch chickens in their science classes, so you could project the incubator on the screen so that students can just glance up to see what’s going on, instead of trying to sneak off and peek in the box.

Again, to make the menu go away, just click on the red “X” on the background button.

Random Name/Dice Roll


Simply type your students’ names into the generator and click “Choose” to get a random name. Since you don’t log in to classroom screen, you aren’t able to save these names for the future, so I’d suggest having a list of them somewhere that you can copy and paste into the generator. You can even use the save button in the top left corner to save a list you’ve typed in for the future.


To roll a random number on the dice, choose how many you want to roll down at the bottom. Click again to reroll the dice. So simple!

But wait! We aren’t done yet. What if you want BOTH generators on the screen? Simply click the “-1” or “+1” on the bottom of the button to add or delete a generator.

Plus! You can leave your generator(s) on the screen and open other button applications, so everything stays at your fingertips. The apps you launch won’t close until you press the red “X” on the button.

Sound Level

The sound level app lets you set the sensitivity and ideal volume level for your class. The progress bar will show your students how loud they are, and you can even choose an alarm tone to go off if they exceed the allowed level.

QR Code

Honestly, this is the quickest way that I know of of projecting a QR code for your students. Simply paste in the link! You can use the “+” or “-” sign to enlarge it or make it smaller. If you need to make QR codes to print or share electronically, check out this post.


There are two different drawing buttons on the bottom. The leftmost button is to have a full-screen drawing, which will fill the screen and cover up anything else you’ve been using. If you’d like to have a space to draw, while also keeping the rest of your screen and apps in view, you’ll need to use the one on the right.

Simply choose a color, and use the “+” and “-” to change the thickness of your line.


If you’ve got some text you need to display, use the “Text” button. You can change the alignment, add bullets, insert a numbered list, etc. This would be great for posting group members for projects.

Work Symbols

Depending on what you’re doing in your classroom, the expected volume level is going to vary. The Work Symbols button will display the type of noise level expected for your students. This would work well in conjunction with the Sound Level app we discussed earlier.

Traffic Light

The Traffic Light is fairly straightforward. You can choose between red, yellow, or green.


You have a couple of options with the timer. The hourglass version is a countdown, and the stopwatch version is, well, a stopwatch.

My favorite feature is the chime alert/chime that goes off when the timer is done. When you click on the music note, you get a dropdown of all the different sounds. There’s even one from Super Mario!


The clock is also very straightforward. It’s a clock. You can choose between military time or 12 hour time.

Special Buttons

There are some nifty special buttons over on the right. The middle one hides the toolbar, and the bottom one expands it to full screen.

Exit Poll

Customize the question and then choose the types of responses you want. The idea is that your students will choose their response as they walk by the interactive board when they leave class.

How do you see yourself using Classroom Screen? If you’re a current user, and you’ve got some tips/tricks that I’ve missed, let me know. I’d love to share them.

Instead of having separate apps for all of your classroom management needs, the good folks at Classroom Screen have streamlined the process and put it all in one place...for free!

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