New School Year…New Everything

New School Year...New Everything

If you read my blog in the past and you stuck around all these months during my radio silence, I thank you. If you’re new, welcome!

As you can probably guess, the pandemic was a big factor in my absence. Here in Texas, it went from being “hey this might be a problem” to “we are staying home an extra week after Spring Break” to “no more in-person school” in a two-week span. Since I’m an EdTech, my team of 11 was in charge of getting every teacher in our district trained and prepared for some sort of online teaching in an extremely short time. It was chaos and, quite frankly, exhausting.

On top of that, I had just found out I was expecting. While great news, my body’s reaction to pregnancy for the first 3-ish months was to feel as nauseated as possible and try to reject the food I put into it.

Finally, and most importantly, I just didn’t know what I could possibly contribute to your lives that would be helpful. Sure, I could throw out some knowledge on random tech tools, but that’s not what anyone needed at the moment. Everyone went into survival mode and that was how it stayed until the school year ended.

Now, teachers are in one of two boats:

  1. Your state/country did what it was supposed to do in terms of wearing masks and social distancing, so you can return to a somewhat normal-ish school setting, though things may never be the same.
  2. Your state/country didn’t do what it was supposed to do and pretended things were fine, so things got worse or at least didn’t improve. Teachers are either having to teach exclusively online or risk their lives going back into the classroom because politicians that know nothing about education decided they should.

*This is where Texas is right now

Either way, I’m going to start putting my tips and ideas out there again for you to use. I’m far enough along in my pregnancy that my big problems are getting up unassisted and having enough food nearby, and I’ve realized that this pandemic isn’t going away any time soon, at least where I am. School has to go on, so, hopefully, these ideas will help.

A man waiting to hear what his school district's plan is for the fall.

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