Create Gorgeous Graphics With Canva

Canva is a phenomenal, FREE tool for creating graphics, posters, letters, and flyers for your classroom.

Whether it’s anchor charts, lesson plans, flyers, or newsletters home, teachers are always creating. It’s easy to pull up a document and type something up, but it doesn’t necessarily look pretty or polished. I’ve seen teachers go to TPT to buy anchor charts because they look prettier than what they can make (even though the content is the same), because they want their classroom to look cute.

Save your money. With Canva, you’ll be churning out gorgeous content in no time. Heck, you could probably even sell it on TPT!

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Are Your Passwords Secure?

We need to talk about your passwords.

We’ve all been there. You’re having to sign up for yet another account, and you’re out of password ideas. So you use THAT password. Your favorite password. The password you use for everything.

No big deal, right? There’s too many to keep track of, and this one’s easy to remember.


Maybe you did come up with a new one, so you wrote it down on that piece of paper you keep by your computer.

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Do Games Have a Place in Makerspaces? It Depends…

Pieces on a game board

I see students playing board games in makerspaces pretty frequently. Personally, I love board games. In fact, my husband and I have such an extensive collection that we’ve run out of places to store them. Board games foster critical thinking and are a great way to interact with other human beings face-to-face. Not only that, but they’re fun!

The question is…are they really appropriate makerspace activities? The whole point of a makerspace is for students to explore and create, and they’re not necessarily doing that if they’re just playing board games for fun. 

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URL Shorteners and QR Codes

At some point, you’ve probably had a website that you’ve needed to share with your students, but it was way too long to have them type it in. Let’s face it–it’s hard enough getting kids to type in, let alone something that’s 100 characters long. You’d blow your entire lesson just waiting for them to type it in! That’s where a URL shortener comes in. It takes that long, ugly address and reduces it to something short and memorable.

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