URL Shorteners and QR Codes

At some point, you’ve probably had a website that you’ve needed to share with your students, but it was way too long to have them type it in. Let’s face it–it’s hard enough getting kids to type in Google.com, let alone something that’s 100 characters long. You’d blow your entire lesson just waiting for them to type it in! That’s where a URL shortener comes in. It takes that long, ugly address and reduces it to something short and memorable.

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“I’m bad at technology”

As an Edtech, it’s my job to work with educators to help them learn to integrate technology into their classrooms and curriculum.

More often than I’d like, one of the first things a teacher or administrator will tell me when they meet me is “I’m bad at technology” or “I’m tech illiterate” or “I don’t do computers.” There’s a genuine fear of using technology, and I suspect also that they’ll be embarrassed by what they don’t know and that I’ll end up judging them.

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It’s finally here! EdTech in Ten started as a simple, 10-minute podcast for teachers, with the goal of making technology accessible to any user at any skill level. Now, I’ve added this companion website so that I can elaborate more fully on some subjects, include videos and visuals, and even cover topics not discussed on the podcast. I’m excited to see where it takes us.

The podcast feed is in the sidebar, so feel free to check it out if this is your first time here. You can also listen on your favorite podcast platforms, including Apple, Anchor, Google, and Spotify.